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Pine-Oak Forest

In this episode we'll learn:

  • Diversity in Pine-Oak forests
  • The largest tree in the world.
  • Mexico: Case Study
  • Culture
  • Problems in the forest


Pine-Oak Communities

Where are they found?

The pine-oak habitat is a zone where the soil is dry and relatively poor. Its often a zone just below the alpine habitats but just above the rainforests. In a way, this zone can be divided further. Closer to the alpine zone, in the poor sandy soils, there are mostly pines. In the lower elevations, as the rainfall increases, there are more oak trees.

Pinetrees in Mexico Largest tree in Mexico


Mexico is an amazing place to study the pines and the oaks. In fact, Mexico has more species of pine trees and more species of oak trees than any other country in the world.

The largest tree in the world:

Pine trees - Largest tree in MexicoThe largest tree in the world is not a pine or an oak, but it is similar enough that it falls in this habitat zone. It is the Mexican Cyprus. We visited this tree, which lays just outside of Oaxaca City. The tree is fenced off, but we got special permission to hop the fence and take a look at the life found on the tree.


Text by Rob Nelson

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