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In this episode we'll learn:

  • What problems face the environment
  • How we can help
  • Major conservationalists
  • Pollution in America
  • Amazon: Case Study



Our trip through the rural areas of Mexico lead us through many small towns. As a westerner, I find piles of trash to be a very revolting sight. Yet, this view may not be the same as many locals in Mexico. I say this because as we drove through the small towns, of which I'm assuming had no trash collection system, they would have piles of burning trash on the outskirts of the village. I filmed this on a few circumstances. The trash didn't just stay where it lay either, it would get blown all across the road and into the forest and grasslands. I'm not sure I have the right to say this was wrong, because they do have to do something about all the trash. In any case I would say that this is an issue that should be raised when thinking about third world issues.

Text by Rob Nelson

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